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Perfect Performance and Experience Fusion Product Electric Louver

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:21

Intelligent home life is the product of the continuous development of the times, and it has also become a hot key word in China's home application market. Electric blinds, as one of the opening projects in intelligent home, bring the first opportunity for automatic and convenient home experience. Many advantages have successfully won the high affirmation of users, application market share continues to rise. Where are the advantages and what are the effects? Let's take a look at the differences between the popular electric blinds.

Electric louvers continue the advantages of previous louvers, flexible adjustment of indoor light, highly adapted to the requirements of light at different times. In addition, new materials are added to improve the indoor temperature preservation effect of louvers and incorporate the concept of energy saving. The new material doubles the effect of indoor and outdoor sound insulation, and has stronger performance. After a long period of sunshine, it will not easily damage the color and texture of the material, and the louvers will be more durable. Dust-proof effect is better and more convenient to clean. This is mainly due to the addition of electric shutter separator effect. Compared with the previous shutter cleaning, it is difficult to improve. As long as the glass outside the separator is simply wiped, the internal dust will not easily enter. In addition, one of its greatest highlights is the addition of electric functions, to avoid the trouble of manual operation in the past, simple, convenient and fast to become the beginning of automation experience.

Realizing intelligent home application is the mainstream idea in the field of home decoration in the future. As an automation initiation product, electric louver has realized the practical and convenient automation experience on windows. It successfully realizes the electric operation under the condition of synchronous rise of function effect and performance, and has played a very good leading role in the future intelligent home application.

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