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Maintenance and cleaning of manual blinds

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:23

1. Manual blinds can be wiped with wet cotton cloth at ordinary times, once a month with detergent thoroughly clean, dipped in a little detergent along one direction can be wiped leaf by leaf, because the material and spray reasons, some blinds are easier to fade, we should pay attention not to exposure.

68彩票登录2. Close the window before cleaning the blinds, spray proper amount of water first, then wipe them with cotton cloth; if the blinds are dirty, dissolve the detergent with warm water first, then desalinate the detergent content with water, then wipe them with cotton cloth and dry them naturally, or spray some polishing agent, which can keep the blinds bright and clean for a long time.

3. Manual shutters should not be dried as far as possible after cleaning, but should be air-dried naturally to avoid affecting their texture. Special material shutters should be sent to professional dry cleaners to wash, so as to prevent the deformation of shutters caused by ignorance of washing methods.

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